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Online Hypnobirthing Class FAQ

I am already listening to a hypno track - do I really need to do a course as well?

The tracks are great and will really help you relax and feel more confident. However as one mum once said, listening to a track is like hearing your favourite band on the radio, doing a course is like going to see them in concert!
By taking the extra step and doing this course, you will
" learn a huge repertoire of practical comfort measures,
" take time to acknowledge and let go of any concerns you have,
" learn how to personalise your birth preparation,
" learn amazing strategies for your birth support partner to keep you calm and focused,
" understand exactly what will happen during labour and how to work with your body,
" learn how to best work with your medical support team

We are spending a lot of money on getting ready for the baby - can I really afford to do this course?

Having a new baby of course brings with it lots of new expenses. It is a great opportunity to buy some really gorgeous, cute, beautiful things for those early days with your new baby.
So I get it that spending £120 may feel like quite an additional cost. From the women who have invested in doing this course they often go onto say that it was worth every penny (and more!). The techniques they learnt gave them peace of mind, a sense of calm, an increased confidence and ultimately a positive birth experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
"This was the best money I spent in my whole pregnancy. I was worried that I could not really afford it but with hindsight now having done the course I feel it is totally worth every penny". Julie

I am considering having an epidural - is there any point doing this course?

Absolutely, for several reasons

1.For most women who learn and practice Natal Hypnotherapy, they get a huge amount of benefit from the time they use it during pregnancy. Being able to legitimately take time out of your busy day to go and lie down for half an hour to "prepare for the birth" is invaluable.
2. It will give you extra coping strategies to deal with the early part of labour. Most hospitals will not give you an epidural the minute you walk in the doors so having coping strategies to get you through until you can have an epidural is really beneficial. You may even find that you don't need an epidural or that if you do, you are able to cope brilliantly for longer.
3. Also your baby will benefit from you using Natal Hypnotherapy in the later part of your pregnancy which helps them to stay calmer during the birth and postnatal period.
4. Going through the course will help you understand why some women feel more pain than others and by knowing how to avoid that, the need for an epidural may also go.

I am already doing yoga and NCT - do I need this as well?

This course really compliments both yoga and antenatal classes. Whilst yoga focuses a lot on the physical preparation for birth and NCT on the mental preparation, this course really helps you prepare emotionally for birth. The beauty of hypnosis is that it helps to deal with fears at a subconscious level. The information in antenatal classes can be extremely useful, however if you have deeper fears then all the information in the world will not take that away.
Many NCT teachers have trained to be Natal Hypnotherapy practitioners as they have recognised that the tools on this course really get to the core of the issue and really help you to be prepared and equipped to have a positive birth experience.

Does my partner have to do the course?

No, you can go through the whole course and get a huge amount out of on your own. If you are planning on having someone support you at the birth - a friend, relative or partner then it is really helpful for them to take some of the modules - ideally module 6, 7, 13 and 14

What is the format of the course?

This online course is split into 16 bite size modules with videos, presentations, quizzes, hypnosis downloads, handouts and worksheets. You will be able to access the course 24 /7 and watch it on any device, so you can learn all these amazing techniques anywhere and at any time that suits you.
How can I benefit form this Hypnobirthing Course?

How can I benefit form this Hypnobirthing Course?

So if you are serious about helping yourself have the most positive birth possible, then taking this course will teach you everything you need to know to move out of the fear cycle above and into this cycle of birth.

By doing this course you will
a) Learn easy yet highly effective tools and techniques
b) Know how to stay calm, relaxed and focused
c) Overcome any fears or anxieties about birth
d) Understand how to work with your body during labour
e) Have access to great ways for your partner to support you during labour
f) Have an insight into why so many women fear labour and what you can do to avoid it

By the end of this course you will not only feel more prepared but you will even begin to look forward to the birth itself!
"Like most pregnant women I was very anxious about the rest of my pregnancy and giving birth. But now I am completely relaxed and enjoying the rest of my pregnancy and actually looking forward to the day my baby comes" Rebecca, Switzerland